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TechConnect World Innovation Awardee

SMEIR ranks amongst the top applied research and early-stage innovations, worldwide. IDS presented SMEIR's award winning capabilities at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference in Boston, MA.

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Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX)

During the Urban 5th Generation Marine Exploration and Experimentation Exercise, SMEIR was recognized as a cost-effective technology that enhances the ability to gain advantage and win in urban combat.

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Pacific Defense Innovation Showcase

SMEIR was selected as one of the top “transformational technologies related to national defense” at the 2018 Pacific Operational Science & Technology Conference.

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SMEIR was selected as a 2018 TechConnect Defense Innovation Awardee. Ranking within the top 15% of the submitted technologies, IDS presented at the Defense TechConnect Summit and Expo in Tampa, FL in October 2018.

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